Why Do Some Films Never Get Released? | Unreleased movie

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An unreleased movie is a film that has been completed but has not yet been released to the public. There are various reasons why a movie may not be released, including: 

Lack of funding: Some movies may not be released due to a lack of funding to complete the project or to distribute it.

Poor quality: In some cases, a movie may not be released due to poor quality or negative reception from test audiences.

Legal issues: Movies may also not be released due to legal issues such as copyright disputes or censorship.

Pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic has also resulted in the delay or cancellation of many movie releases due to restrictions on gatherings and the closure of theaters.

It is not uncommon for movies to be completed but not released to the public for various reasons. Some unreleased movies may eventually be released at a later date, while others may remain unseen.