Did the Brahmastra movie bring the Bollywood craze back after back-to-back flops?

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Bollywood had been waiting for back to back hits since a long time Nepotism and poor performance delivered back to back flops instead Boycott gang added insult to injury Bollywood needed a tonic to turn the tables … a blockbuster movie to get back on track So finally the 400 crore budget movie has released But I am not very hopeful after watching first day first show 

Today we will review the newly released movie Brahmastra … also review of Bollywood’s future This film was supposed to be Bollywood’s RRR Without spoiling the movie, I will reveal if Brahmastra is worth your time or not And let us also compare Brahmastra with RRR The budget is humongous: 410 crores.

The movie is expected to turn the tables for Bollywood India’s first multiverse trilogy breaking all the barriers in VFX The movie makers had a lot of ambition and in that they score 100/100 This is obviously an improvement over typical Bollywood movies SRK steals the opening, Nagarjuna’s magnetism, Amitabh in senior guru role and Mouni Roy’s evil avatar liked by all 

Many comments on Ranbir – Alia on screen chemistry … Pritam, Amitabh Bhattacharya and Arijit Singh music added depth to their pairing Their collaboration was bound to make magic happen Kesariya is love anthem of the year Deva deva gives positive feeling … musically the film does not disappoint

 Sadly other parts do not live up to the expectation RRR made at budget of ~500 – 550 crore left audience bewildered at many sequences That grabbed people’s attention and the film made 1100 crore … the movie set a benchmark in filmmaking Just like The Matrix did long back RRR fans are spread around the world … tight storyline, brilliant action and graphics … 

what has Brahmastra to offer? 

Even if it makes profit, in our eyes brahmastra will be a flop because where did 410 crore budget go in production? Nothing new … just playing with fire No groundbreaking techniques used that make us go 

Fire graphics is it that big a deal? Vision and ambition are both desirable in a project but Ayan Mukherjee did not complete the job execution wise There is ancient knowledge, mythology, big production, super star cast and cameos But for a film to be successful requires a deep feeling a soul in its story What they have done instead is included a bit of everything … like a Khichdi You will find Ranbir trying to unlock his hidden strength … the powers that lie buried inside him … not ready to accept he is the chosen one Amitabh Bachchan is like Morpheus in The Matrix .

He trains Shiva, played by Ranbir Isha, played by Alia Bhatt is like Trinity in The Matrix Shiva sees future in his dreams … just like Frodo in Lord of the Rings Car chase is included like Matrix style … audio even sounded similar.

In this mashup the real element of the movie goes missing In 2 h 40 mins 40 mins is Alia – Ranbir love story that does not even make sense to the story RRR had a love interest but it force the movie to go off track What is this … Ranbir needs a trigger to activate power … and that trigger is Alia Wish the script writer was paid more so that there were more memorable dialogues Even Marvel franchise has action … but also has lighter moments and comedy throughout .

In Brahmastra everything is serious … they want a hit badly If this movie is Bollywood’s best effort under biggest production house biggest stars biggest VFX ever … then good luck Go back to the drawing board if this is your best … the movie may flop on its own so boycott gang not needed Opening of Brahmastra is better than Laal Singh Chaddha.

what will happen next time will tell For how long this hero heroine obsession in Bollywood will continue? 

If I ask you to name 5 cast members in Avatar, star wars, avengers, etc. you may not be able to for those movies did well on basis of story and graphics At the time Titanic was filmed Leo and Kate were not mega … RRR had a famous cast but a better story and action When will Bollywood understand that? 

Stop this obsession Of 410 crore budget 60 crore was allotted to VFX … instead the stars should be cast in that amount and the rest ~340 or so in story, VFX, techniques, stunt sequence, etc. At this moment you can enjoy the music or if you really want to go to the theate It’s your choice at the end of the day One guarantee is the movie won’t surprise you nor this movie is turning point Will that turning point come with Pathan?